Friday, 27 May 2016

Caramel Glazed Bananas

This is a fun pudding to make. It's really quick and simple to do -  perfect pudding for any informal weekend barbecue/outdoor meal.

If you own a chefs blow torch then you can add a bit of drama and excitement to the preparation - kids love watching this! but if you don't you can just pop the bananas under a hot grill.

As I said it's really easy and I'm not going to give a recipe just do this.........

Split the bananas in half, brush with a little melted butter (flavoured with vanilla paste if you want)

Sprinkle over soft brown sugar - about a dessertspoon per banana half.

Then either pop them under the grill until the sugar melts and turn to caramel or light the blow torch and burn away! if your using the blowtorch keep it moving don't concentrate on any one place and makesure you using a haevy based tray - and please, please, please don't do this on a wooden surface - my kitchen table still bears the scare of my eldest stepson having a go at this -unsupervised and unbeknown to anyone I might add!

Once they are lovely and caramelised, place on plates and serve, whilst they are still piping hot, with a big blob of ice-cream, cream or cold custard.

I served ours with a honey crunch ice-cream.

Have a great weekend
Love Lizx

Thursday, 26 May 2016


I promise that this will be my last post about Iceland.......just so you know I do have fingers crossed behind my back when I say that!......Iceland has left such a mark on my sole that I'm not sure I will ever be the same again. That sounds very dramatic but it true - it's landscape is powerful, the people welcoming and friendly, the weather fiercely cold the one minute and warming you the next, I have never experienced anything like it and I can not wait to visit again......But I can't leave before telling you about the small North Western town of Stykkishólmur.

We drove there on our third day in Iceland - it's about 2 hours from Reykjavik - and stayed the night at the Hotel Egilsen before catching the ferry across to Westfjords the next day.

I am so glad we did this. The hotel and the town were one of the highlights of the trip. The old houses down by the harbour, are painted bright colours and wandering around you feel like you have stepped back in time. The town and its inhabitants have systematically rehabilitated and renovated the houses, given them new purposes - what was once a library is now an art gallery, the fish packing house a restaurant and the old meeting house is now a volcano museum! The old town feels cared for and loved.....

The whole area has a calm, quiet feeling with just the sounds of the birds and the waves accompanying your meanderings.......when you have finished your wanderings, a warm up in the Hotel Egilsen is most welcome.

The Hotel Egilsen was perfect. I have never stayed in a more welcoming place. The main area is very warm and cheering with all its brightly coloured furnishings, you feel happy to snuggle down in one of the cosy chairs and read through some of the many books stacked on the shelves - whilst drinking hot coffee and eating Pönnukökur

Our room was in the eaves of the hotel - small but very warm and cosy......

Whilst were were drinking coffee, and eating more pancakes, we admired the hotel's unusual china. Apparently it was made at the pottery just up the road  - Leir 7 - unfortunately they had close for the day and wouldn't open again until after we had left. However, as luck would have it, the potter and the hotel owner were best friend, so after a quick phone call - in very rapid and enthusiastic Icelandic - the potter offered to open up specially for us in the morning.

And so she did! Leir 7 (translated as Clay 7) had some fantastic pottery. We came away with platters, cups and little thumb bowls but could have bought so much more ..... only my baggage limit stopped me! I'm already planning a return trip to stock up on some more.........

Part of my purchases........

So that is where I will leave my Icelandic stories.............. but I haven't told you about Reykjavik, or Gullfoss, the bubbling mud pools or drying cod, the shellfish restaurants and black bread ......... and......and ........and.......

Love Lizx

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


I have joined forces with EatCleanTea to come up with a few creative ideas for their matcha green teas. Over the last few weeks I have been mixing and tasting away and I think I have come up with three new ingenious recipes for using the EatCleanTea. They are all perfect recipes for the summer and are packed with healthy energising ingredients that taste so good you just can believe it's all so healthy for you.

This tea is grown in Japan as green tea leaves, they are handpicked and then stoneground into a fine powder call matcha. Thanks to some studies, by some cleaver people at the University of Geneva, these teas were found to be a powerful source of antioxidant with 137 times the normal amount found in green tea, they also found that these matcha tea improve your skin, help the body fight disease, had fat burning properties and give your energy a longer lasting boost than your daily cup of coffee! So all in all it a rather good thing to add to your diet.

To make things a little more interesting I have combined their ginger matcha tea with a few additional ingredients - take a look at what I have created with.......

First up I made a refreshing lassi drink. Here I combined natural yogurt with a couple of oranges, added a some of spoons of matcha powder, a little honey, a pinch of cinnamon and gave it all a good blitz in the blender. Garnished with some mint leaves it makes for a wonderful refreshing drink.

here's the recipe

 Orange and Green Tea Lassi

I then got a bit creative and decided, as I had loads of yogurt in the fridge, I would have a go at a frozen yogurt. With lemon zest and ginger chunks added, along with some matcha powder and honey it was truly delicious.

 Frozen Yogurt

And finally just to round the day off I decided to have a go at a cocktail. A watermelon and ginger cocktail was not only beautiful to look at, it tasted darn good and could be alcoholic or not depending on how much you really, really needed that drink!

 Watermelon and Ginger Cocktail

I hope that I have inspired you to try some EatCleanTea, all of their tea flavours could be used in any of these recipes or you could come up with a few flavour combinations of your own. Let me know how you get on.

Have a great day and keep healthy
Love Lizx